Ohemaah – Beautiful Day [Official Video]

Beautiful Day [Official Video]: This was my very first music video! Oh, the memories. This song is a celebration of life and what it feels like when hope is realized. It is about people who were once in chains and are now free, it’s about the feeling of being forgiven, it’s about what a beautiful day it will be when Jesus returns. I tried to imagine that feeling and capture it in 3 different stories – a soldier returning home from war to his family, a depressed teenager who catches a glimmer of sunshine and innocence when a couple kids invite him into their soccer game, and a paralyzed man in a wheelchair who (SPOILER ALERT), against all hope, dares to try standing up again at the end. This song is close to my heart because the chorus is just literally the words “la la la – oh” but it’s the FEELING embedded in those nonsense words that makes you want to get up and dance! (Please do get up and dance). Continue reading Ohemaah – Beautiful Day [Official Video]

Why Are the Pelvic Floor Muscles Important??

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that line the bowl of the pelvis. And they do a LOT more than what most realize. I’m here to tell you that a healthy pelvic floor is so much more than Kegels!! Join me as I break down the 5 MAIN FUNCTIONS of the pelvic floor and considerations for each function. Gaining a better understanding of their functions can allow for a more thorough perspective for your healing. Continue reading Why Are the Pelvic Floor Muscles Important??

Yield Curve Explained to 6th Graders – Interest Rates, Bonds, Federal Reserve, Lending, Recession

The Yield Curve describes how financial interest rates change over time. The yield “curves” upward over time. It is more expensive to borrow money for 1 year than it is 1 day. Bonds are simply lending, or borrowing. The yield curve is often “controlled” by the Federal Reserve, in some sense. They are the Central Bank of the United States, and have a massive impact on the economy and financial markets. Continue reading “Yield Curve Explained to 6th Graders – Interest Rates, Bonds, Federal Reserve, Lending, Recession”

Pure New Zealand Ghee | What is Pure?

Hey everyone, Welcome to Gold Leaf Dairy YouTube channel. Through this video you will get idea about Pure Ghee and what is pure Ghee? PURE IS NEW ZEALAND Return to nature. Your body thrives on nature at its source. When you draw clean air into your lungs, every cell in your body sings. When you sip pure water, your body flows. When you absorb pure food, you invite a mindful connection with nature, nutrient and nourishment. We searched the world for the cleanest air, the richest soil, the greenest grass, and we stopped searching when we discovered the pristine dairy meadows of New Zealand. As “a land of first sunrise and last settled” New Zealand’s natural gifts are abundant and offer only the best to our Dairy Leaf bovine friends. That’s why at Gold Leaf Dairy, we rely only on New Zealand grass-fed cows’ milk for our Pure New Zealand Ghee.

Continue reading “Pure New Zealand Ghee | What is Pure?”